City Hall

Mayor: Mayor Tully
The City Hall is a grand structure built directly inside the ancient ribs of a colossal red dragon. The building has three stories and a basement. The Top Story is the private home of Mayor Tully himself. The bottom floor is the main lobby, where Mayor Tully holds town meetings, and the courts. The second floor is the administrative wing, holding the offices of all the town services, the town legal officials and so on. It is a constant beehive of activity with people constantly coming and going. The basement is the emergency food storage, and the home of the less seemly city services like corpse collection and exterminators.

Mayor's Office

Fulven Nuptoose (aristocrat 1/expert 3). As an aide working in the mayor’s office, Nuptoose can get the PCs some “face time” with His Eminence, if the situation warrants a personal visit. Once every two months (or more often, depending on the party’s reputation).

The Courts

Beneath the mayor sit the various city courts. Most are classified according to the topics they hear, and they typically include courts of chancery, courts of common pleas, husting courts (for disputes involving commerce and trade), and the courts martial (for offenses involving soldiers or disputes between nobles). They normally include the court of the exchequer as well, but since the exchequer is a separate body, its court operates independently of the rest. (See below for more on the exchequer.)
Court Scribe: Gadwick Fen (expert 2). As a scribe in the husting courts, Gadwick can provide information about past or pending suits between city merchants and tradespeople. Twice per month.

The Exchequer

The city’s financial department, the exchequer is one of the most powerful and troubled institutions in an urban fantasy setting. It is to the exchequer that the bailiff presents his findings and funds.

Employees: Exchequer: Calculates and enforces the tax laws approved by the mayor as well as produce a monthly report of the cities tax income and expenditures.
Tax Collector:
Bookkeeper: Bartleby Stemple (expert 5). Being a bookkeeper for the exchequer might be stressful, but it also provides vital information about who owes money to the city (or vice versa). Once per month.

City Services

Real Estate

The Real Estate office is located on the second floor and is run by a very charming half-elf woman who seems to have a touch of celestial in her blood, named Mariella Skye. She handles all land sales in and around the city of Drakewatch as well as renovations of derelict properties.

Property For Sale

Azure Peak - 60,000gp (95,000gp once repaired) - Though not technically in Drakewatch, with the death of the Dwarves who owned it, the mine and it's immediate surroundings (The plateau outside the mine, the switchback, and about 120 acres of land at the base of the mountain) revert to state property. It is highly valued due to the amount of iron ore and gems that it puts out when operational, and so Mayor Tully has assigned two sections of infantry to head up to the mountains and establish a watch post as the mine is repaired. Mariella has offered a contract to the Construction Guild, to repair the houses outside the mine, repair the mine's interior and put up a guard tower. The construction should take up to 2 months. Mayor Tully is also willing to extend a reasonable municipal loan/mortgage to prospective buyers on the condition that the town of Drakewatch receives a sizable cut of the mine's output at no charge.

Abandoned Warehouses - 4,000gp each, 3,000gp for the fixer upper - Equivalent to a 4 room house, these warehouses are located in the warehouse district in the northwest of the city. They are approximately 50ft x 50ft one room buildings with a thatched roof and stone walls. 4 are for sale, but one of the four was damaged in a fire and requires some reconstructive work.

Old Smithy - 5,500gp - This 2 story building was once a blacksmith's shop. It has a smithy with a working forge, a shop front, and a storeroom downstairs. The upstairs floor has 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, a common area and a bath. The smithy is located in the northwest trade district of the town.

3 Room Bungalow - 1,200gp - These small attractive houses were recently built under contract with the construction guild. They are all identical wooden structures, built for working class citizens. They are dotted throughout the nicer portion of the trade district. They have three rooms, one bedroom/bath, one kitchen/dining room and a common area. They come furnished with bedroom furniture, and a kitchen set, of average quality. There are currently 8 of these up for sale.

Wheat Farm - 7,800gp - Owner's foreclosed on mortgage and farm became property of state. Includes 10 acres of tilled farmland, a 4 mule team and a covered carriage, as well as a farmhouse, silo and barn. Farmhouse is 2 stories and has 3 bedrooms, a servant's quarters, kitchen, dining room, study, common area and a basement storage room. Barn is big enough for a workshop and tool storage as well as stabling for up to 10 large animals.
If a player wants to start making money off the farm they need to make an initial investment of 3000 gp for seed, supplies and other costs (As opposed to the normal 4,000 due to the land already half-prepared). Once that is done they can begin running it as described in running a business. If the owner decides to extend the farm by purchasing more land, they will receive a +1 bonus on their profit check for every 20 additional acres.
Farm is to the North of town, about a mile away from the walls, along the lakeside.

Undeveloped Land - This varies depending on location.

Location Price Available Lots Notes
On top of the Elven Ruins 100 gp/ acre 160 solid acres There is a large ruined stone tower in the center of the area, and numerous smaller ruined stone structures. These would have to be cleared or built around. Residents claim area is haunted.
In the trade district 150 gp/acre 4 4 acre lots, 2 2 acre lots, and 7 1 acre lots Area is working class
In the noble district 300 gp/acre 1 10 acre lot, 1 5 acre lot, 2 4 acre lots, and 2 1 acre lot Area is high class and builders need to get permits ensuring their structures will be keeping to the community standard
Outside Drakewatch (Farmland) 120 gp/acre, 140 gp/acre nearer the lake 1500 acres Lakeside land is more fertile, but also prone to flood

Town Maintenance

The office of Town Maintenance is located in the basement of city hall, as it is the largest office in the building, as well as the least sightly, due to the manner of tasks that they are charged with and the manner of people who take up the occupations.

Fire Department

An extremely bored Water Genasi who immigrated to Ossia from Xalliman is the sole member of the fire department. There used to be more workers, but with her arrival in town they were scarcely needed anymore, and were relocated to sanitation. Some of the workers who got moved bear a little bit of a grudge about the job change. She is rarely in her office, and usually just flits about the city aimlessly, or passes time down at the docks, until a fire breaks out.

Corpse Collection

This less than glamorous job is performed by two men. The first, Willis Teagle (Human commoner 2/expert 1), overseas the collection of corpses, their autopsies, publication of death certificates and transfer to the appropriate grave or cremation. For a modest sum (50 gp), Willis will make sure any single body is cremated before being examined, so long as it won’t be missed. Once only (though a more lucrative fee might encourage him to repeat the favor).
The second person who works in this sub-department of town maintenance is a hulking half-ogre brute named Thaz. He is in charge of actually collecting the bodies and bringing them to Mr. Teagle for processing. Thaz is not a personable person, and very rarely speaks to others, preferring to just get through his day. He likes to unwind at The Pit, gambling, drinking and fighting.


This is the largest sub-department of town maintenance, with nearly a dozen workers. They are the street sweepers, the trash collectors, and gutter drainers, responsible for keeping Drakewatch looking and smelling clean and healthy. This extra-foul duty is a terrible job, but pays slightly better to compensate, and so all manner of money-grubbing low-lifes come to work here.
Sample Contact: Stanzon Grum (commoner 7). For a bribe of 5 gp or more, Stanzon will collect all the garbage found on the property of any politically unimportant figure and bring it to the PCs, with no questions asked. Once per month.

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