Greta's Glittering Gems

Type of Shop: Loose gem trader and fine jewelry
Owner: Greta Chikkaer Skorrow - A beautiful red-haired gnome with glittering ruby-like eyes.
Available Gold: ~3500 gp



Loose Gems

Quantity is measured in carats, not individual stones. If selling gems to Greta she will pay roughly half the listed price. These are the excess gems she has to sell off, she has a wider variety that she keeps for her own jewelcrafting.

Name Price Quantity
Azurite 20gp 20
Blue Quartz 16gp 30
Dark Emerald 150gp 1
Low Quality Ruby 400gp .5
Onyx 80gp 5
Sapphire (Blue) 900gp 5
Diamond 2000 gp 0


Name Price Quantity Notes
Golden Bracelet 50 gp 10
Silk Sleeping Mask with Tiny Jasper Inlay 185gp 2 Said to promote deep and beneficial sleep. (When worn while sleeping there is a 5% chance that natural healing for that night will be doubled.)
Silver Chained Ruby necklace 350gp 6 Her signature piece, common among the wealthy in the area (Residents will be slightly impressed with your style)
Silver and Moonstone Choker 400gp 2 Said to help calm weather (Slightly Reduces chance to rain when DM rolls to determine weather)
Silver Holy Symbol of Garl Glittergold With Tiger's Eye 160 gp 3 +1 to appraise checks made concerning gems
Mithral Dagger with a topaz set in the pommel 1100 gp 1 Lighter and can cast color spray out of it's gem once per day on command word
Eye patch with a stylized silver and Beryl eye 800gp 1 Can cast detect secret doors once per day on command word
Solid Gold Idol of Yondalla with Garnet and Jasper Inlay (12lbs) 1250gp 1 Is folk knowledge that when it is placed in your home it helps to lull you into a calm peaceful sleep. (There is a 5% chance that natural healing for that night's sleep will be doubled for inhabitants of the house, each rolls seperately. For followers of Yondalla this chance is doubled.)

Will Buy: Any gems, is particularly after some high quality diamonds, which are in short supply lately. Also will buy fine jewelry, but she is very picky; if the craftsmanship is not up to her standard she will only pay the price of the gem, as she intends to pry it out and scrap the rest.
Sapphires are cheap at the moment, but as the loss of Azure Peak sets in their price may rise.

From DMG
Table 3–7: Art Objects

d% Value Average Examples
01–10 1d10×10 gp 55 gp Silver ewer; carved bone or ivory statuette; finely wrought small gold bracelet
11–25 3d6×10 gp 105 gp Cloth of gold vestments; black velvet mask with numerous citrines; silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems
26–40 1d6×100 gp 350 gp Large well-done wool tapestry; brass mug with jade inlays
41–50 1d10×100 gp 550 gp Silver comb with moonstones; silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt
51–60 2d6×100 gp 700 gp Carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems; solid gold idol (10 lb.)
61–70 3d6×100 gp 1,050 gp Gold dragon comb with red garnet eye; gold and topaz bottle stopper cork; ceremonial electrum dagger with a star ruby in the pommel
71–80 4d6×100 gp 1,400 gp Eyepatch with mock eye of sapphire and moonstone; fire opal pendant on a fine gold chain; old masterpiece painting
81–85 5d6×100 gp 1,750 gp Embroidered silk and velvet mantle with numerous moonstones; sapphire pendant on gold chain
86–90 1d4×1,000 gp 2,500 gp Embroidered and bejeweled glove; jeweled anklet; gold music box
91–95 1d6×1,000 gp 3,500 gp Golden circlet with four aquamarines; a string of small pink pearls (necklace)
96–99 2d4×1,000 gp 5,000 gp Jeweled gold crown; jeweled electrum ring
100 2d6×1,000 gp 7,000 gp Gold and ruby ring; gold cup set with emeralds
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