Nimble's Steadfast Steeds

Shop is a 3 story wooden house, with a large stable out back. It is marked with a hanging wooden sign adorned with a permanent minor illusion of a galloping stallion. The sign was a gift from Flabbain, in return for Nimble's taming of the Mayor's Bulette.

Nimble is a halfling Druid Ranger. He was a young member of a mountain dwelling nomadic tribe until the day that his tribe was slaughtered by rampaging ogres. The ogres took their mounts with intent to keep and eat them as their own livestock. Nimble miraculously escaped the slaughter, and later snuck back into the ogres camp at night and rescued the steeds, bringing them back to Drakewatch. It was with his rescued herd that he began his farm and business. Nimble has great love for his stock and will tolerate no harm being done to them.


The shop sells adventuring gear and mountaineering equipment as well as various mounts.

Goods Price Stock
Guard Dog 25 gp 3
Riding Dog 150 gp 4
Donkey 8 gp 9
Heavy Horse 200 gp 2
Light Horse 75 gp 3
Pony 30 gp
Heavy Warhorse 400 gp 2
Light Warhorse 150 gp 1
Yellow Chocobo 250 gp 3
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