Ophelia's Oddities

Type of Shop: Assorted Magic Goods
Owner: Ophelia Beddik


Ophelia is a history afficiando and a classic armchair adventurer. She loves telling and retelling the varied stories of the items she has on display. For this reason players may find the items she sells to be slightly more expensive than they would expect, as she is slow to part with them. On the flip side; however, Ophelia is also quick to buy magic items that possess an exciting history, and she pays generously for the story.

Ophelia's shop is full of knick-knacks and magical items, as well as book-cases full of literature. Some of the books in the shop were written by Ophelia herself, and others are reference texts she has accumulated during her time.

Players can attemt to use a performance check when selling items to Ophelia to get a higher sale.

Ophelia offers a slight discount to members of a recognized adventuring party, as that distinction makes their efforts in the battle against evil ever more glamorous. So if she is presented with a legit Party Charter, naming the party and it's members, she will consider giving the members the adventurer discount.

Magical Items

Item Name Cost Note
BattleHammer of the Righteous King TBD A warhammer which supposedly belonged to one of the first kings of Ossia, who was assassinated by his brother who had eyes on the throne.
Trick Coin 550 gp This coin supposedly belonged to a legendary trickster gnome called Gambytt, who used it to trick a Giant into gambling away a whole herd of sheep.
Garl Glittergold's Monster Gem 5500gp This mysterious collection of gems are enchanted so as to randomly call forth any possible creature to aid the user. Said to be mined by the god himself. Ophelia has 6 in her shop, but she refuses to say where she got them.
Desert Nomad's Knife Worth 2800gp This knife is supposedly used by the leaders of the Nomads in the desert wastes, it aids them in locating viable water sources, like a divining rod.
+1 Adamanite Full Plate TBD Covered in Spikes, bonus to intimidate, can inflict supernatural fear once per day
The Death Sapphires of The Bluemantle Dwarves 1500gp A bag of Sapphires which were apparantly the last ever mined by the Bluemantle Dwarves of Azure Peak, who were wiped out by a band of Infernian Mercenaries.
Gloves of the Giant Raging Grappler 23,000gp A pair of gloves which grant a + 4 bonus to strength, grants the feat Awesome Blow and can cast Enlarge person once per day, which lasts for 10 minutes. Unfortunately it comes with the curse of rage. Character must attack nearest creature (5% chance [01–05 on d%] each day), if the spell has not already been cast, it will cast on this attempt to attack.
Icing Deathbow of the Frost Giant King 8,302gp A +1 Heavy Crossbow of Frost once owned by a Frost Giant Jarl
Bracers of the Shadow Assassins of Morkoth 5,100gp Bracers of archery
Pipes of the Sewers 1,150gp Responsible for a plague a few years back
Celeste's Cloak of the Moon and Stars 4,000gp Cloak of Charisma +2


Book Name Cost Note
The Ascension of Kurtulmak; The Horned God 12gp Ophelia detests this book and declares it to be fictitious religious garbage.
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