Ossian Army Hq

The Ossian Army occupies this large building complex on the east side of Drakewatch. It is several buildings in one; A barracks, A training facility, A Parade Grounds, Administrative Offices, Armory, and a Recruiting Office.

The building is operating with a fairly light crew right now as the majority of it's occupants were in training for the upcoming Grandian conflict. With the new recruits trained and pushed to the front lines, all that remain behind are the administrative staff, some instructors, and higher officers, who all eagerly await the next fresh batch of recruits to pass through.

As the facility is being largely unused at the moment it is possible to arrange for training through the facilities available. Courses available are detailed below.

Important Figures in the Building

Captain Marko Finnian - An Ossian Army Captain who handles deals with Mercenaries. He arranges hiring and the coordination of mercenary assets in the Northeastern region of Ossia. He has his own office in the Administrative wing of the building.

One-Eyed Jack - Captain in charge of the Espionage Division in this area of the Ossian Army. He also has an office in the Administrative wing but is rarely found within it. If you wish to make contact with Jack your best bet is to leave a note on his door and wait for him to find you.

Malcolm Andrus - A retired military man who came back to help train future soldiers. He handles the majority of training coordination.

Training Available

To Be Filled in Later
Will include Teamwork Benefits, and minor temporary circumstantial bonuses, like +1 to attack vs. members of the Flame Riders, or +3 to survival checks made in Infernia for one year.


Pay is roughly based on rank and level. Multiply a base 5sp with rank and then level, for the daily pay, then multiply by 28 for monthly. So a lvl 1 warrior private makes 5sp a day, or 14gp a month, and a lvl 3 fighter Sgt makes 4.5gp a day, or 126 gp a month.
Specialists like magic users and inelligence experts make a base 6 sp a day rather than 5.

Morgan makes a salary of 336 gp a month

Rank Name Rank Worth
Private 1
Corporal 2
Sgt 3
Warrant 4
Lt 5
Capt 7
Major 10
Lt Col 12
Colonel 15
General 20
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