Temple Of Bahamut

A very small temple located in the temple district of Drakewatch. It is maintained by 1 cleric of bahamut; Tiburmun Faestrix (Short for, TiburMunthrek FaestirUxDarastrix;Which means, "Human-born servant of the platinum dragon"). Tiburmun is especially accomadating to Geon's needs, and piously serves the dragon god to his best ability.
The temple is quite small with it's main worship area only being large enough for 40 - 60 congregants at very most. Behind the worship area is the temple kitchen and the personal bedchambers of Tibermun. A second floor, which is accessed by a staircase from the main worship area, has two guest bedrooms, a study used to prepare sermons, and a doorway out onto the ledge where the platinum flame is kept burning in tribute to Bahamut. The basement is also small, and is used mainly for food and water storage.

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