The Everything Bin

Type of Shop: General Store (Mostly Below Average Goods)
Owner: Krug MaToknill - A charismatic half-orc business man originally from Grandia. He escaped a martial life by deserting from the Grandian military and living his dream of owning his own business in Ossia.
Available Gold: ~2000 gp (He is quite well off, and buys in bulk, so it can fluctuate greatly depending on how soon after his latest big buy.)

Krug opened this shop with the money he stole from a Grandian pay-roll wagon when he deserted. He started off with a tiny stall in the market and quickly expanded. He now supplies virtually the entire western side of the city with clothing and the tools needed to go about their business. Krug's store is always busy, and as so he has a couple of guards to minimize shoplifting.

Normal Stock

All items in the PHB under Adventuring gear can be bought at a 10% discount, but because they are lower quality, there is a 5% chance they will break upon using; A tent will collapse and become unusable, the fish will snap the line and get away, etc.

Item Price # in Stock
Fishing Tackle 15gp 9
Common Hacksaw 4gp 2sp 10
Hammock 5gp 4
Hand Keg 5sp 10
Cask 1gp 3
Small magnet 12gp 1
Marbles 2sp 12
Tarp 5gp 4
One-Person Tent 7gp 6
Four-Person Tent 23gp 2
Hoe 3gp 6
Billhook 6gp 2
Pitchfork 3gp 6
Rake 1gp 6
Metal Tongs 4gp 2
Roll twine(50ft) 1sp 12
Candle Wick (50ft) 2sp 5
Fowler's snares 22gp 2
Mess Kit 7sp 8


Clothing for the masses. Not the high-quality silks that Udoo sells. This is more appropriate for a commoner to be wearing. He does have the occasional nicer piece of clothing, but these are rare as the common folk can't really afford them so he doesn't stock much of them. The higher quality goods are in the section below.

Item Price # in Stock
Sackcloth pants/breeches 6cp 20
Cotton pants/breeches 2sp 24
Cotton Coat/Jacket/Jerkin 7sp 23
Cotton Cloak 4sp 12
Peasant Dress 5sp 14
Average Dress 1gp 24
Girdle 6sp 2
Leather Gloves 5sp 24
Canvas Gloves 4cp 24
Cotton hat 6cp 4
Cotton hood 6cp 12
Cotton Robe 1gp 25
Sackcloth Robe 2sp 15
Cotton Shirt 2sp 36
Leather Shoes 3sp 12
Stockings 5sp 10
Tunic Sackcloth 5cp 11
Tunic Cotton 7sp 12
Vest leather 4sp 6
Turban 2sp 5

Better Quality Stock

Krug won't sell these goods unless he likes you. These items don't suffer the normal 5% breakage chance as they are actually well-made.

Item Price # in Stock
Knee Pads 6sp 2
Bandoleer 8sp 4
Potion Belt 2gp 2
Quiver Scabbard 11gp 1
Bear Fur Jacket/Coat 55gp 2
Fur-trimmed hat 2gp 7
Half-cape (Blue) 10sp 4
Full cape 10gp 2 (1 Blue, 1 White)
Silk Sash 6gp 3
Fine Dress 23gp 1
Broad-brimmed hat 9gp 5
Southern Tobacco 45gp 4
Auiranian Chocolate 158gp 5
Elven Moondrop spirits 259gp 2

Will Buy: Just about anything, but is a very hard negotiator. Gets a +12 diplomacy check to argue against price bartering.

Suggested Items

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