The Sharpest Edge

Type of Shop: Enchanted Weapons and Armor
Owner: Wrogan Stronghammer
Available Gold: ~ 9,500gp

Wrogan has just recently opened up shop in Drakewatch. He focusses his attention on the enchantment of weapons and armor, and so deals in high grade magical fighting gear. He recently invented a special type of Gauntlet which bestows magical ability on the weapon or shield it holds. he has named them Wroganian gauntlets and beams with pride whenever he hears of their use.

Wroganian gauntlets are made so that any which imbue with an attack ability are right handed, and defense abilities are left-handed. If an opposite handed gauntlet is needed, say for two-weapon fighting or using a double weapon, then it will cost 25% extra.


Name Price Notes
Wroganian Flame Gauntlet 7,000 gp Gives wpns flaming ability
Wroganian Frost Gauntlet 7,000 gp Gives wpns frost ability
Wroganian Minor Attack Gauntlet 6,000 gp Makes +1 Wpns
Wroganian Minor Defense Gauntlet 2,000 gp Makes +1 Armor
Wroganian Arrow Catching Gauntlet 3,000 gp Gives shields the Arrow-Catching property
Wroganian Gods-Favor Gauntlet 4,000 gp Makes held wpn Good-Aligned
+1 Bastard Sword 4,300 gp /
+1 Greataxe 4,300 gp /
Flaming Longsword 4,400 gp +1d8 fire damage
Minor Corrosive Dagger 1,300gp This dagger is pitted and worn, deals 2 acid damage on hit
Wrogan's Travelling Outfit 4,000gp This light armor is prized by frequent travellers.
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