Udoo's Silks

Owner: Udoo Khitaisan
Udoo is one of the few residents to speak South-Common as his primary language and so his common is thickly accented. Although he is very fluent in common he still occasionally misunderstands what is said to him.
Udoo is a halfling, and wears his hear in his Souther tribes traditional top-knot style. His skin is bronzed, and eyes have a slight slant to them with a jade color. He is always seen dressed in his trademark fine silks which he has imported from his homeland, and he keeps his dear mount, a tamed Velociraptor named Cutter, tied out behind his shop.

Goods For Sale

Item Price # in Stock
Fine belt 27gp 10
Silk pants/Breeches 10gp 19
Silk Half-cape 2gp 3
Silk full-cape 4gp 5
Silk Coat/Jacket/Jerkin 12gp 12
Fine Dress 21gp 14
Exquisite Dress 84gp 5
Silk gloves 20gp 7
Silk Broad-Brimmed Hat 12gp 5
Silk turban 6gp 2
Silk nightshirt 7gp 6
Silk Robe 7gp 6
Silk Sash 5gp 3
Silk Shirt 12gp 3
Silk Toga 3gp 3
Silk Tunic 7gp 11
Noble's outfit 87gp 10
Royal outfit 220gp 3

Will buy furs and hides harvested in the area, as these are what he exports to his homeland in exchange for silks.

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