Wizards Tower

Owned by the Town Sage, Flabbain, an elder wise Sage Dragon.
He tutors young aspiring students of the arcane out of his 5 story tower.
Bottom Floor: Shop Front
Flabbain has tasked a young half-elf diviner, Footale Orvain to run the store in return for tutelage. The shop specializes in the identification of magical items, which young Footale usually does personally, and the sale of arcane supplies.

It costs 110 gp to get an item identified.

Goods For Sale

Miscellaneous Arcane Focii are available for purchase, small mirrors, wooden boats etc. Various metamagic power components and optional material components are available, and tools to make a wizards job easier.

Magical Items
Vial of Icy Sheets 13,000gp /

Second Floor: Student's Dorms
Sometimes students wishing to train with Flabbain are allowed to live in the tower with him for convenience, rather than having to commute from their parent's homes.
Students Living in the Tower: Footale Orvain, Tia (Studying to control her sorcerous fire)

Third Floor: Classrooms
There are four different classrooms in the tower. The first is the largest, an ampitheatre style lecture room with a glass door leading out to a large deck overlooking the east walls and beyond.
The second room is a biology lab, used for transmutation, necromantic and abjuration experiments. The room includes a sort of morgue type magical freezer which is enchanted with Gentle Repose and a permanent Chill effect to preserve bodies.
The third room is highly shielded combat area. The walls are heavily reinforced, especially the floor and ceiling, and the room is enchanted several times with overlapping protection from energy spells. Students training in the explosive school of evocation can practice their talents to their hearts content in here, without worry of collateral damage. A magical device in the room also allows illusions to persist longer than normal so they can practice their skills against virtually real opponents, and this allows budding Illusionists to also come here and practice their talents and tweak their effects.
The fourth room is also heavily warded, but this is warded to prevent anything from escaping. This room is used for studying conjurors, and so the room is shielded to prevent any loose outsiders or elementals from leaving. A clean stone floor is available for etching summoning circles, which is magically wiped clean and repaired nightly. Incense and appropriate arcane foci line the walls.

Fourth Floor: Personal Library

Fifth Floor: Flabbain's Living Quarters

Roof: Observatory

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