Dreamlily (Drug)

Essence of dreamlily is an iridescent, Psion­ically active liquid. It draws on the mind of the user, and tastes like his favorite beverage. Each use of the drug can potentially lead to an overdose, especially for those addicted to it. The Path of Inspiration forbids recreational use of dreamlily, but the Dream Merchants do a brisk trade with outlanders in the foreign quarters of Darjin and Dar Ulatesh. Although the Inspired claim to oppose the dreamlily trade, they have been remarkably ineffective at curbing its spread into Khorvaire.
In truth, the Inspired are all too pleased to see foreigners fall prey to the addictive power of this drug.
The effects of dreamlily (as with any drug) are treated as a poison that has an initial and a secondary saving throw. The save DCs and effects are given below. Dream­ lily is also highly addictive, the effect of which is treated as a disease. After each use, the drinker must succeed on a DC 14 Fortitude save or become addicted.
If a user becomes addicted, he must either satisfy his desire for the drug or attempt the same saving throw each day. (The save DC rises to 25 for someone who remains addicted for two months.) A user can satisfy his desire for the drug for two days by taking one dose. If he does not continue taking the drug or if he fails an addiction saving throw, he loses 1d6 points of Dexterity, 1d6 points of Wisdom, and 1d2 points of Constitution. If a user succeeds on two consecutive addiction saving throws, he breaks the addiction. Lesser restoration and restoration heal ability damage in the short term; remove disease breaks the addiction; greater restoration or heal does both.
Initial Effect: If a user fails an initial DC 12 Fortitude save, he feels completely at peace for 8 hours. During this time, the user can operate normally while at 0 to —4 hit points. At —5 hit points the user is disabled, and at —6 or lower he becomes unconscious. Also, he is immune to fear effects.
Secondary Effect: If a user fails a secondary DC 12 For­titude save, he takes 1d4 points of Wisdom damage.
Side Effects: Users can take only a single action in each round while under the effects of dreamlily.
Overdose: If the user fails a DC 10 Will save (which includes the penalty mentioned below), he imbibes too much and takes 2d4 points of damage.
Special: A dreamlily addict takes a —2 penalty on Will saving throws. This effect lasts until he manages to break the addiction.

Cost: 1gp per dose

Source: Secrets of Sarlona

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