Dura, one of the largest and oldest quarter of Sharn, rises from the ruins Shaarat and the Old Sharn that fell at the end of the War of the Mark. But as Sharn has grown over the centuries since that terrible conflict, Dura has been left behind. Today, many consider it a blight on the city, riddled as it is with poverty and crime. Dura is home to the majority of the lower classes of Sharn, and Lower Dura is generally considered to be little better than the Cogs.
Nonetheless, Dura is the gateway to the Dagger River. Cargo passes from Cliffside up through Dura, and most of the vast warehouse districts are located in the lower ward. The Bazaar of Dura is a source for all manner of unusual goods, including a wide range of illegal merchandise. Dura may be dangerous and dirty, but it is certainly a gateway to adventure.
The Race of Eight Winds has a major impact on the culture of this quarter. Residents born and raised in Dura are likely to be quite passionate about the race, and outsiders who settle in one of the districts of Dura would be wise to smile and nod when the subject comes up. As the time of the race draws near, Callestan and Hareth’s Folly become a hotbed of arguments and brawls.

Watch Detail: 576 guards of the Watch:
173 on day shift (138 patrol, 35 stationed),
202 on evening shift (162 patrol, 40 stationed),
201 on night shift (161 patrol, 40 stationed).

Upper Dura

Clifftop (Adventurer's Quarter)
Daggerwatch (Garrison)
Highhold (Dwarf Neighborhood)
Highwater (Average Residential)
Hope's Peak (Temple District)
Overlook (Apartment Townhomes)
Redstone (Shops)

Middle Dura

The Bazaar (Marketplace and Shops)
Broken Arch (Average Residential)
Hareth's Folly (Tavern district)
Rattlestone (Apartment Townhomes)
Stormhold (Average residential)
Tumbledown (Tenement district)
Underlook (Inn District)

Lower Dura

Callestan (Inn District)
Fallen (Slum)
Gate of Gold (Tenement district)
Malleon's Gate (Goblinoid slum)
Oldkeep (Apartment townhomes)
Precarious (Warehouse district)
The Stores (Warehouse District)

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