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Eberron Campaign Setting - The Major one
Players Guide to Eberron - Brief Overview of Eberron
Races of Eberron - Detailed look at Changelings, Kalashtar, Warforged and Shifters.
Dragonmarked - A guide to the Dragonmarked Houses
Explorer's Handbook - All kinds of transportation options for the explorer.
Five Nations - Detailed look at Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, Thrane and Cyre
Forge of War - History of The Last War, details for playing a campaign in war-time.
Magic of Eberron - All kinds of arcane and psionic junk.
Faiths of Eberron - Detailed look at gods and cults of Eberron.
Secrets of Sarlona - Exploring the xenophobic continent of Sarlona.
Secrets of Xen'Drik - Exploring the Shattered Lands of Xen'Drik
Dragons of Eberron - A look at Argonessan and the Dragons of Eberron
Sharn City of Towers - A detailed exploration of Sharn.
Stormreach - A detailed exploration of the pirate capital of Xen'Drik.

Published Eberron Adventures and Articles

Eberron Novels

The Draconic Prophecies
Title Author Release Date Main Characters Setting Notes
Storm Dragon James Wyatt Aug 2007 Gaven d'Lyrander, Haldren ir'Brassek, Vaskar Dreadhold, Vathirond, Aerenal, Mournland, Stormhome etc… Own, Rereading to post review
Dragon Forge James Wyatt June 2008 Own, Rereading to post review
Dragon War James Wyatt Aug 2009 Own, Finally Reading after reviewing series

The Dreaming Dark

The City of Towers
The Shattered Land
The Gates of Night

The Heirs of Ash

Voyage of the Mourning Dawn
Flight of the Dying Sun
Rise of the Seventh Moon

The Lost Mark

Marked for Death
The Road to Death
The Queen of Death

The War-Torn

The Crimson Talisman
The Orb of Xoriat
In the Claws of the Tiger
Blood and Honor

The Dragon Below

The Binding Stone
The Grieving Tree
The Killing Song

The Inquisitives

Bound by Iron
Night of the Long Shadows
Legacy of Wolves
The Darkwood Mask

Blade of the Flame

Thieves of Blood
Forge of the Mindslayers
Sea of Death

The Lanternlight Chronicles

The Left Hand of Death
When Night Falls
Death Comes Easy - December 08

Novel Characters

Name Description Appearances Significance
Cimozjen Hellekanus Human Oathbound of Dol Dorn, ex-member of the Karnn military group known as The Iron Band The Inquisitives: Bound by Iron Major
Minrah Young female elf, incredibly bubbly intelligent and keenly observant but with no stomach for combat The Inquisitives: Bound by Iron Major
Theyedir Deneith Loyal servant of the Sentinel Marshals, gate guard at Thronehold The Inquisitives: Bound by Iron Minor
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