Eberron Food And Drink

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Name Note Cost Source
Ashi A thick golden flatbread of the Shadow Marches made from the dried and pounded pith of the ashi reed. In the Shadow Marches (especially in Zarash'ak), ashi bread is often eaten with honey as part of a luxurious breakfast or folded around roast vegetables, grilled snake meat, and a hot-sour sauce as quick street food. ? The Dragon Below Novels
Ironspice A dwarven spice. ? ?
Mootu Juicy, sweet bite-size morsels with a meaty texture. A delicacy among orcs. Possibly a breed of slugs. ? The Dragon Below Novels
Sagal powder A pungent spice commonly used by the halflings of the Talenta Plains. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels
Selas leaves A sweet herb found in the Eldeen Reaches, selas leaves are often used in the cuisine of Aundair. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels
Sweet Cremfel A Sweetbread Pastry; Aundairian Treat 1cp One of the Novels

Standard Meals

Cabbage Stew 1 cp Filling but not entirely tasty. Throwing in a few chunks of beef or rabbit or really any kind of meat will add to the flavor and nutrition.



Name Note Cost Source
Frostmantle Fire A potent dwarven drink. ? ?
Iltrayan A dark, dry wine from Aundair. The Iltrayan vineyards lie within a manifest zone tied to Shavarath, and many soldiers claim that a goblet of Iltrayan readies the blood for battle. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels
korluaat 'Hero's Blood'. A highly alcoholic beverage favored by the hobgoblin warriors of Darguun. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels
kuryeva A potent alcoholic beverage made using the berries of the kuryeva bush, a plant found only in the land of Xen’drik. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels


Name Note Cost Source
Gaeth'ad An orcish herbal tea that can be brewed with a variety of effects, generally either stimulant or despressant but smeimtes mildly hallucinogenic. Popular in the Shadow Marches and among members of House Tharashk, but generally uncommon elsewhere because it's best made with fresh. Generally brewed and served by the master of a gaeth'ad house. ? The Dragon Below Novels
tal A beverage from the Talenta Plains, tal was introduced to the Five Nations by the halflings of House Ghallanda. Made by steeping herbs in boiling water, it serves many purposes depending on the herbs that are used. There are dozens of varieties; milian tal is typically served cold and is said to settle a fever, while blackroot tal is served hot and is a popular midday drink. Sometime sweetened with honey. ? The Dreaming Dark Novels


Name Note Cost Source
Absentia An illegal drug produced in Riedra and sold by the Boromar Clan in Sharn. It causes the user to fall into a coma for an hour, during which he telepathically perceives the world through the senses of someone else (chosen randomly within one mile). ? Sharn: CoT
Dragon's blood An illegal and highly addictive drug distributed by Daask, a criminal cabal with ties to Droaam. The composition and manufacture of the drug remains a mystery. In addition to its narcotic qualities, it temporarily enhances the powers of any sorcerer who uses it. ? Sharn: CoT
Dreamlily This powerful opiate comes from the continent of Sarlona. Brelish healers imported elixir of dreamlily for use during the Last War, but discontinued use once they determined how addictive it was. However, it has found a market as a recreational narcotic in Sharn and use spreading across Khorvaire. ? Sharn: CoT
Spiderdust An illegal drug, which can be found anywhere in Khorvaire, possibly originating from Khyber. ? (The Darkwood Mask Novel)

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Ales, Beer and Mead
Drink Price DC Initial DMG Secondary DMG Description
Common Ale (mug) 4cp 11 0 1dex + 1 wis Common Ale
Cut Ale 2cp - - - Watered down Beer
Soldier's Gruel 6 cp 12 0 1dex + 1 wis Thick ale, like a liquid meal.
Nightwood Pale (bottle) 15gp 13 1 wis 1 init + 1 balance Pale Ale brewed in Karrnath
Akavit 3cp 11 1 Int 1 Dex /
Dead Fhokki Ale 1sp 15 1d3 Wis 1d3 Dex /
Lamb's Wool Ale 4cp 10 0 1 Dex /
Braggart 5cp 10 0 1 Wis /
Chultan Stout Ale 5cp 11 1 Int 1 Dex /
Gut Bruiser 1gp 15 1 wis + 1d3 dex 0 /
Dwarven Mead 1gp 15 1d3 Wis 1d3 Dex /
Common Wine (pitcher) 2sp 11 0 1 Wis Common Grape Wine
Windshire Rainbow Wine (bottle) 40gp 11 1 wis 1 dex A magical wine from Fairhaven that gives you a colorful glow when intoxicated
Bajdar Wine (bottle) 40gp 11 1 wis 1 dex /
Basiran Gold (bottle) 15gp 11 0 1 int + 1 dex /
Spiced Apple Cinnamon Wine (mug) 5sp 11 0 1 Wis /
Urakil Dwarven Wine (bottle) 10gp 15 1d3 wis 1d3 dex /
Tarisato Clear Wine (bottle) 9sp 12 0 1 wis + 1 Dex /
Other Alcohols
Brain Sledge (Shot) 3gp 16 1 Dex 1d3 Wis + 1d3 Cha A heavily distilled spirit from Droaam
Thrakel and Berry Brandy (Pint) 30 gp 14 1 Int 1 Int A sweet brandy made in Thrane, traded out of Flamekeep
Calimshae Spiced Rum 5sp 13 1 Wis 1d3 Dex /
Zil Brandy 5gp 13 1 wis 1d3 Dex /
Nymph Dew 5gp 19 1d3 Int 1 Str + 1 Dex + 1 Con /
Miracle Water 3 cp 11 0 1 Wis /
Tozulka-Ran 2cp 11 0 1 Con + 1 Dex /
Almond Milk 2cp - - - /
Iced Wine (mug) 2cp - - - /
Mint Tea (mug) 5cp - - - /
Spicewood Tea (mug) 3cp - - - /
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