Eberron Lore And History


Eberron Timeline - Sorted by year with important events outlined.
Sons of Siberys Timeline - My personal game's events
Isla Mogrova History - (HOMEBREW) The history of the Island which belongs to the Sons of Siberys.

Historical Periods

Historical Events

The Empire of Dhakaan - The original Goblinoid empire of Khorvaire.
The War of The Mark - A purge of aberrant dragonmarks by the 12 dragonmarked houses.
The Purge - Church of the Silver Flame launched a massive Lycanthrope hunt which lasted a hundred years.
The Last War - A war which raged across all of Khorvaire between the Five Nations
The Day of Mourning - The disaster which claimed Cyre
Treaty of Thronehold - The treaty which ended the Last War
The Korth Edicts - Treaty signed by the dragonmarked houses limiting political power.

A History of Dragons

The Progenitor Wyrms - When Siberys, Eberron and Khyber joined to become the world of Eberron.
The First Age - The rise of Dragons, and of the Spawn of Khyber and the Age of Demons
Draconic Expansion and Withdrawal -
Devastation of Xen'drik - The fall of the Giant Empire to the Dragons due to their battle against the Quori, also known as Aureon's Folly
The Elf-Dragon Wars - The settlement of Aerenal and continued fighting between Aereni and Dragons
Vvaraak’s Betrayal - The spreading of Druidic Magic to the lesser races, the formation of the Gatekeepers
Dragonmarks and The Chamber - The appearance of the Dragonmarks, the Draconic Prophecy written on the flesh of lesser races.
Tiamat Rising - The recent rise of the Talons of Tiamat cult

Important Historical Figures

Aaren d'Cannith - Father of the Warforged
Lhazaar - Famed explorer who led humans to Khorvaire
Malleon the Reaver -
Ourelonastrix - The Blue Dragon who discovered The Draconic Prophecy
Oalian || - Awakened Greatpine
Tira Miron - Founded the Church of the Silver Flame when she gave her life to become the voice of the flame.
Vvaraak - The dragon who taught druidic magic to the Gatekeepers

Important Eberron Concepts

Dragonmarked Houses
Dragonshard - Dragonshards virtually fuel the high magic economy of Khorvaire.
Lightning Rail - Magical Railroad
Five Nations - The original Five Nations, Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane
Magewright - A magical apprentice, like an Expert with very limited magical skill.
The Draconic Prophecy - An outline of the myriad paths history might follow, found all over Eberron.
The Moons of Eberron
Seren Barbarians - The barbarians who live on the coast of Argonnessen
Dragon Totem Ritual - A ritual which grants powerful abilities on those who participate.

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