Editing This Website

If you are thinking about helping out and editing the website, adding a character sheet, or even just fixing some of my typos, you must first of all join wikidot. Once you join wikidot you can then join this wiki by either applying, or entering the secret password on This Sign Up Page.
Once you have signed up there are a few minor rules regarding page linking to follow to ensure proper organization;

  • If linking to a feat, the feat link should be coded like this [[[feat:Power Attack]]] will give you Power Attack
  • If linking to a spell, the spell link should be coded like this [[[spell:Magic Missile]]] will give you Magic Missile.
  • If linking to a clerical domain, the domain link should be coded like this [[[domain:Air]]] will give you Air.
  • If linking to one of the teamwork benefits, the link should be coded like so; [[[teamwork:Wall of steel]]] will give you Wall of Steel.
  • If linking to an adventure, use the prefix Adventure: in the page link, as above.
  • If linking to a skill, use the prefix Skill: in the page link, as above.
  • If linking to a skill trick, use the prefix Trick: in the page link, as above.
  • Roman Numerals should be converted to actual numbers, so Summon Monster V should be [[[Spell:Summon Monster 5| Summon Monster V]]].
  • Be careful when using apostrophes. Sometimes they become spaces, sometimes they turn into hyphens or are just ignored. I'm not sure why, just double check your link if it's broken.

To make a spoiler text, use the following code;
[[collapsible show="Spoiler" hide="- Hide Spoilers"]]
Spoiler Text goes in here.

To make colored text, use the following ##44FF88|custom-hex-code## to get custom-hex-code
For a handy color code generator, use the following Website

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