Lightning Rail Highstakes Heist


House Tarkanan Thug

This is a base stat block with common traits to them all. The majority of thugs will have this with a feat or equipment modification.

3rd level Warrior
HP: 16 (3d8+3)
AC: 15
Base Attack: +3
Melee/Ranged: +4/+5
F/R/W: 4/3/1
Abilities: Str 12, Dex 14, Con 13, Wis 10, Int 8, Cha 11
Feats: (Dependant on character)
Skills: Intimidate + 3, Jump +6 (Under effects of Potion), Climb +1
Gear: Mwk Studded Leather, Mwk Weapon, Very Minor Magical Item, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Empty Potion of Jump, Sap, Bag of Weightlessness x2 (It does not have to storage capacity of a Bag of Holding, but it's contents do not weigh any thing.) 400gp worth of additional gear

Individual Thugs
Name Description Adjustments
Blaze Wild Eyed Human with red hair and an aberrant mark (Burning Hands). Hates true dragonmarked characters. Intimidate (+6)Feats: Aberrant Mark, Mark of Vengeance (Deals 1d6 extra vs dragonmarked), Power Attack Weapon: Mwk Singing Heavy Flail +4 (1d10+3+1 Fire/ 19-20x2) Gear: 4x Fire Agates, A single bead of fireball (3d8), Mask of intimidation+3
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