Weapons - A major list of all weapons published.
Armor - Includes shields
Mundane Materials - Description of Materials commonly used for construction.
Special Materials - Weapon and armor materials that are out of the ordinary
Adventuring Gear - Everything from Bedrolls to Parasols
Animals - Animal Companions and Familiars
Mounts - From Horses and Camels, to Wooly Mammoths and Griffons.
Vehicles - Ships, Wagons and Carts, Airships, Lightning rails and more.

Magic Items - Magic items from various sources
Magic Weapons - What every player dreams of
Magic Weapon Special Abilities -
Specific Magic Armor and Shields
Armor Properties - Magical properties to apply to Armor
Shield Properties - Magical properties to apply to Shields
Warforged Components - Warforged only, embedded and attached components.
Grafts - Various types of Grafts, Construct, Plant, Undead, Deathless etc…

Alchemical Items - Made with Craft (Alchemy)
Poisons - Fun for everyone. Can be crafted, bought and applied to weapons, slipped in drinks etc.

Magical Aids

Material Components - List of Material Components needed for spells
Power Components - Unorthodox 1 use components which enhance certain spells.
Optional Material Components - Similar to power components, but different.
Focuses and Holy Symbols - Certain focuses that confer bonuses.
Potions - And Oils


Misc Items
Gemstones - Different gems, their associations and uses and most importantly - Cost.
Books - Certain rare tomes may confer bonuses upon reading.
Eberron Food and Drink - Eberron Specific as well as some standard fare to round out the menu.

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