Eriks Sword

The soul of a Legendary Paladin, Erik Charvotia Slayer of the Great Shadow, lives inside this longsword of light. His triumphs are held in sacred scrolls chronicalling 30 years during a time when the greatest villains and fiends roamed the earth. A member of the order of Palor Sentinals he was dispatched to the borders of Infernia with a small contingent of highly respected Paladins to hold the evils that threatened to invade. As the story goes, Erik and his 30 warriors held uncountable fiends over a span of 5 years until it came to the final onslaught. After all but Erik were dead, Erik faught their warlord. They faught viciously until Erik Struck an amulet around the Shadows neck shattering both the amulet and the Shadow into Oblivion. On the brink of death, Erik cast a final spell creating a seal of Palor over the gates of infernia, holding the evil in it's land. His sword was recovered by the church and is now held in it's Hall of Heroes.

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