Event Schedule

Months go - Zarantyr (January), Olarune (Feb), Therendor (Mar), Eyre (April), Dravago (May), Nymm (June), Lharvion (July), Barrakas (Aug), Rhaan (Sept), Sypheros (Oct), Aryth (Nov), Vult (Dec)- With 28 days per month.

13 Therendor (March) 998YK - Campaign Start
15 Therendor 998 - Sun's blessing - Holiday
15 " - An unmarked Orien in charge of L-Rail cargo loading is killed by a living spell.

20 " - Green Thunder sets on it's way that morning from Sharn and at Dusk is ambushed twice. Once on the move, and a second time a half hour later by dispelling the enchantments powering the conductor stones. The attackers are warforged in Thrane uniform, so Thrane is suspected.

24 " - A Thrane town, Nathyr, has it's church of the Silver Flame, attacked and desecrated by a Brelish force led by a mysterious outsider. This outsider is in fact a changeling under the employ of the Lord of The Blades, although the changeling does not know that is his true employer, he only knows he is being paid to ignite hostilities between Breland and Thrane.

2 Eyre - Irian is coterminous until the 12th.
6 Eyre - Lammania is coterminous until the 13th.

13 Eyre (April) - Wayfinder expedition returns to Fairhaven, Aundair after a successful visit to a dungeon in the Shadow Marches. One member is being controlled by an Illithid cult and is unaware. The Expedition is moving on to Sharn, and then from there to Xen'Drik, after taking a week or so to resupply.

20 Eyre (April) - The Wayfinder Expedition to Xen'Drik is in Sharn and will shortly leave for Xen'Drik.

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