District Type: Magic district
Buildings: Magic item dealers (8), spellcasters for hire (20), temple (Aureon), shrine (The Shadow), upscale food (20), exotic trades (45), upscale trades (65), upscale services (40), upscale residences (80)
First Impression: Everbright lanterns keep the towers here well illuminated, and other magical effects are visible everywhere—from soarsleds carrying people through the air to constructs following their masters as they visit different shops
Social Class: Upper class

Everbright might not be home to the majority of Sharn’s magic item dealers and spellcasters for hire, but it certainly can boast the largest concentration of them in any one district. While magic item dealers in the Central Plateau cater to wealthy collectors, those in Everbright tend to keep a more practical focus, selling items to the people who are most likely to actually use them—adventurers. For this reason, dealers in Everbright are far more willing to buyv(and likely to sell) items that are not fully charged or are otherwise partially used up. Similarly, Everbright is the best place to find spellcasters for hire who are 10th level or above—whose talents are rare and in significant demand in Sharn.
While the spellcasters and dealers of Everbright are accustomed to trading with adventurers, they are also (for the most part) law-abiding citizens. Characters who need spells cast with no questions asked are better advised to seek out spellcasters affiliated with Sharn’s criminal gangs rather than walking into a spellcaster’s office in Everbright.
Shrine of the Shadow: Hidden down a dark alley, the shrine of The Shadow represents the dark side of Everbright. Here, necromancers and other evil wizards gather in secret to revere the power of magic perverted to evil ends, led by a cleric/necromancer named Thalanna (CE female human cleric 3/necromancer 3). This secretive cult has no grand evil schemes for world domination; they exist purely to worship their patron deity and hide only to escape persecution.

Source: Sharn:City of Towers

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