Experience Awards

These experience awards are in addition to the awards given for battle and overcoming challenges.

Heroic Deeds

Action Reward
Character pushed storyline forward 200-300xp
Character completed challenge with a significant disadvantage; i.e. Blind, in aquatic environment… .25x the EL reward
Character was particularly brave or smart 200-300xp
Player did very good role-playing 200xp
Character had the right skills at the right place and time 100xp
Player impressed group with humor or drama 100-200xp

Wiki Involvement

Action Reward
Fill out entries for Spells/Feats/Equipment etc Varies
Update character sheet after game 50-100xp
Create fiction for game; i.e. Character Journal or Bestiary 100xp per sizable entry


Good Role-Playing: Pretty self explanatory, character motivations over player desires and no meta-gaming.
Motivation: Players whose characters really drive the story forward, or who are continuously motivated to get to the bottom of the story, may be deserving of a point or two of Karma. Characters who start subplots on their own accord, rather than waiting for the gamemaster to instigate them, are particularly deserving. Initiative is more than just a character attribute, after all.
Right Place and Time: Characters in the right place, with the right skill for the job, should get 1 point of Karma. However, don’t award Karma just for good dice rolls. To qualify for this award, a character should have a vital skill and know when to use it—when the moment presents itself, not in advance. It’s one thing to know prior to a run that Lockpicking is needed to get into a secure area and buying a Lockpicking set on that anticipation. It’s another thing
to be trapped in a dead-end alley with the bad guys closing in, spotting an old doorway by chance, and then picking the lock to let the team escape. The latter is what this award is for.
Humor and Drama: A player who paralyzes the entire group with laughter, all the while acting in character, deserves extra experience. Likewise, if a player acting in character impresses the group with a particular piece of high drama (or melodrama), that also merits a reward.
Guts: Brave fighters (especially if they’re effective) get a reward for their valor, more if they’re particularly heroic. This shouldn’t be an excuse for stupidity, though; valor is about risking life and limb when no other option is viable. Feel free to withhold this award for stupidly heedless bravery. (Life is tough; it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.)
Smarts: Players whose characters come up with a clever strategy, solve a puzzling clue, or pull off a good scam should get a small rewards, (maybe more, if the scheme was particularly dastardly). This award can also apply to characters who know when it’s smart enough to surrender or run.

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