Eye Of Improbability

The word hung thick on the musty air. These caves…damn these caves.
It was all the men could think as they plunged further into the bones of the earth. Two days past was the turning point. Dead ends…in a depthless cave? The legend was not living up.
And now this.
"…potentially…" the scruffy observer noted aloud again, pausing to brush his gritpaper chin on each pause. "…a seer can see every damn thing gon' happen." He finally concluded, slapping both hard palms down on both bent knees as he sat in satisfaction. A very large and sour grin slapped his face.
His fellow shook a near perfect chin at the ill-arrived conclusion. You fail to understand… Sighing, he started again aloud: "You fail to understand the basic principle of actually SEEING." His eyes shot open on the last word, converse to his otherwise cool appearance. The insane expression vanished as swift as it'd come. The old man cocked his head to the side and stared at Kinas out the side of one eye, like a crow might do. "For you, me, your mother and her infinite stupid sonnnsss…" He hissed, drawling out a look back at the old timer. "…seeing is a matter of believing one ridiculous tiny layer of the least noticeable rag that ever passed under notice. In short, we're built to observe something none but those which inhabit it are designed to observe." The old man had a hard time holding on to his life then, as Kinas could, at times approach so suddenly as to literally stall the human heart. It happened enough that the venture group he travelled with kept a physician of organs on staff. Elven clerics were not lawful, not cheap. Thank deus, the old man thought, he was half-orcan. Kinas noted that he remained in fact alive, and finished. "We are such a small fraction of the designed. Now for every fucking god's sake, pick up that pickaxe and clear the legs."
Headbands were shuffled onto foreheads all through the room. Ten men in a small cavern set to work on soft stone, squaring nature's living stone into perfect angular forms.

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