Dragonmark Visionary

Your greater dragonmark gives you access to a new spelllike ability.
Prerequisite: Any greater true dragonmark.
Benefit: You gain a new greater dragonmark spelllike ability based on the dragonmark you possess, as shown below. In addition, you can use one greater mark spell-like ability that you already possess one additional time per day.
A saving throw against one of your dragonmark spelllike abilities has a DC of 10 + the level of the spell + your Cha modifi er. Your new dragonmark spell-like ability has the same caster level as your existing dragonmark powers.

Greater Mark Spell-Like Ability
Mark of Detection Dragonsight 1/day or zone of revelation 1/day
Mark of Finding Implacable pursuer 2/day or lay of the land 2/day
Mark of Handling Dragonblood beast 1/day or mark of the wild 2/day
Mark of Healing Panacea 2/day or revivify 1/day
Mark of Hospitality Dragonmark demesne 1/day or hidden lodge 1/day
Mark of Making Metal melt 2/day or wall of gears 1/day
Mark of Passage Flight of the dragon 2/day or wind at back 2/day
Mark of Scribing Dragonmark symbol 1/day or transcribe symbol 1/day
Mark of Sentinel Aura of evasion 1/day or delay death 1/day
Mark of Shadow Hide from dragons 2/day or shadow form 1/day
Mark of Storm Storm touch 2/day or storm tower 1/day
Mark of Warding Hide the path 1/day or zone of respite 1/day

Source: Dragonmarked

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