The Felli are a humanoid, feline race, or rather group of races, which were created by Lungtai (The Maker). They are a caste based society, with their actual physical forms being magically changed when they receive a higher status.

Types of Felli
Catfolk - The most numerous type of Felli, and appropriately, the lowest ranked in the society. Catfolk are laborers, scholars, artisans, teachers and mundane guardsmen. Once they reach an appropriate status in their profession they may then change in one of three ways; The Warrior Tigrin, The Demonologist Siomen or the honored Holy Korati.
Tigrin - The basic Warrior caste, as they grow in training they can eventually become Panthorin (Stealthy Assassins), Jagonin (Sword using quick berserkers), Cougrali (A quick ranger-type caste, tracks and uses White Raven) or Leonin (Powerful Monks who use Stone Dragon).

Rank Felli Evolution Chart
Lowest Catfolk
Second Tigrin Siomen /
Third Panthorin Jagonin Cougrali Leonin / Korati
Dominant Leopardus Rex
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