Over 10,000,000 years ago the fiendish children of Khyber overran the surface world, making it a hellish place ruled by Night Hags and Rakshasa. For Millenia they terrorized the surface world, enslaving and torturing it's inhabitants, until the Dragons discovered the Draconic Prophecy and awakened from their primitive state to combat them. The ensuing struggle lasted hundreds of thousands of years, until 100,000 years ago when the Couatls made the ultimate sacrifice and drove the fiends back to Khyber, locking them away by sacrificing their own bodies and spirits. Some followers of the Silver Flame believe the flame today to be a physical embodiment of these Couatl Martyrs.

During the Age of Demons, there were several Demon Princes who stood out, but one was particularily powerful; the master of magic Lungtai. His mastery over the arts was so extensive that he is said to be the one who originally harnessed magic to the written word which draconic was adapted from. He was the first to utter the words of creation, and destruction, which comprise Truename Magic, and he was creator of many primitive animalistic races. Such power was incredibly hard to combat, and the only way the Couatls were able to imprison Lungtai was to seperate his body from his soul, divide it, and hide it away.

The attack on Lungtai's citadel claimed hundreds of dragon lives, but eventually they were able to ensare him in a ritual which ripped his powerful soul from his immortal form. Once they did this they then tore it into six fragments; three representing the warrior's body, Strength, Agility and Stamina, and Three representing the Mystic's Mind, Cunning, Insight and Spirit. The Couatls sped off to the corners of the world and bound the spirit shard within their own forms, hidden far away, and then the remainder bound themselves to the physical form of Lungtai, burying him in his shattered fortress deep within Xen'Drik.

Unfortunately for the world, evil does not stay buried forever. Lungtai struggled for millenia until he finally found a flaw in the Coautls' prison and shattered his physical bonds. He pulled himself from the ruins of his former glory and began to rebuild his empire, starting with the primitive races he had created so long ago. He lacked his former abilities thanks to the couatls sacrifice, but he still possessed his extensive magical knowledge, so he resigned himself to working through his minions to regain his soul.

The Fiendstone, if ever reassembled from it's six components, would grant god-like power and immortality to it's possessor. Once it has been joined to it's possessor's soul they will have power they never dreamed of, but unfortunately will also be overwhelmed by evil, most likely madness, and may even be possessed by Lungtai's malevolent soul. Only a being of sufficient power can even attempt to assimilate the stone without being utterly destroyed in the process.

The Fiendstone is divided into six components;
Fiendstone Strength Shard
Fiendstone Dexterity Shard
Fiendstone Constitution Shard
Fiendstone Intelligence Shard
Fiendstone Wisdom Shard
Fiendstone Charisma Shard

The shards are each about the size of a spear head, and resemble a jagged piece of black crystal wrapped so tightly in alternating silver and gold that the crystal barely shows through. On close dedicated study one can almost see something dark swirl deep within the crystal. The crystal actually radiates a good aura due to the Coautl, but on extended survey one may be able to sense the underlying evil within.
Each on their own grants an individual bonus for possessing them. This bonus and the abilities it grants increase as the person increases in power.

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