District Type: Red light district
Buildings: Temple (Olladra), average lodging (9), poor lodging (70), average food (20), poor food (80), poor trades (80), poor services—brothels, gambling halls, pawnshops, etc. (140)
First Impression: Noisy crowds fill taverns, casinos, and bordellos, the sound of laughter spilling out onto the dark streets. A great deal seems to be going on that appears illegal, but everyone seems to be having a good time.
Social Class: Lower class

The Firelight district caters to clients seeking entertainment of an intimate nature, as well as hardcore and casual gamblers. While Sharn’s other red-light districts, Sharn’s Welcome and Dragoneyes, are dangerous and disreputable places most respectable citizens wouldn’t dream of visiting, Firelight has somehow managed to maintain a reputation as a socially acceptable place to come and have fun, whatever type of fun one might be interested in having. Crime is much better controlled in Firelight than in the other red-light districts, so customers are less likely to become victims. Changelings control most of the bordellos here, as they do in Dragoneyes, but they employ members of almost all races.
People of Interest: Hoas Junter - Ringmaster of The Burning Ring;
Fasha Yask - Owner of the Lucky Nines Casino;
Savia Potellas - Owner of Savia's and City Council representative;

Places Of Interest: The Joy Street Hostel - Joy Street, Lantern Tower

The Burning Ring: The Burning Ring is not a specific location in Firelight. It moves frequently as the City Watch keeps trying to shut it down, but it seems to find a place to operate every night. It offers blood sport, gladiator-style combat conducted by amateur and professional warriors. The combat is real—the combatants use a variety of weapons but wear no armor—and sometimes matches end in death. Ideally, the healer on hand for every fight reaches a fallen combatant before he dies, but sometimes the fallen are beyond help. Death only seems to make the crowds cheer louder.
The ringmaster is Hoas Junter (NE male shifter fighter 7), who has extensive connections to the Daask gang. Sometimes his connections help him bring in a monster as a combatant to the crowd’s utter delight. The monster usually wins.
Finding the Burning Ring on any given night requires a DC 20 Gather Information check, which must be made in Firelight or Torchfire.
Lucky Nines: The Lucky Nines casino uses a remarkable amount of magic in the decoration and operation of the business. The owner, Fasha Yask (N female human wizard 8), employs a full staff of spellcasters—wizards, sorcerers, bards, artificers, and magewrights—to keep the place running smoothly. Unseen servants attend to customers’ needs, continual flame spells give illumination, illusions provide glamour and glitter, and bouncers with detect thoughts and detect magic patrol the floor to catch those who would cheat the establishment. In addition, as many would-be thieves have discovered, a variety of magic wards protect the place after hours, from fire traps to guards and wards.
Savia’s: The most elegant bordello in Firelight claims that its clientele comes from Upper Central and Skyway as well as closer districts. Its real claim to fame, however, is that its owner, Savia Potellas (NE female human expert 2/bard 1), is Lower Menthis’s representative on Sharn’s city council. Her election outraged many of her fellow council members, but she claims to fairly represent the interests of the businesses in her ward, and the merchants of Lower Menthis have never complained about her leadership.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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