(N female advanced gynosphinx 12 HD)
Flamewind has the body of a giant lion, but orange stripes mark her deep-black fur; when she moves, these stripes ripple like flames. Her great falcon wings are pure black, usually folded over her back. She has the head and face of a beautiful elf woman, though her features are distinctly feline and her hair is the same deep black-and-orange as her coat. She wears a few jeweled chains of platinum and gold around her neck and forelimbs, and a silver diadem rests on her brow.
Starting Attitude: Indifferent
Modifiers: None
One of the largest of the recent expeditions to Xen’drik was the Carradan Party of 996 YK. The explorers uncovered the ruins of an ancient city of giants, and in the ruins they found Flamewind. The sphinx said that she had been waiting for them to take her to “the
land of the fiends.” The explorers agreed to provide her with a residence at Morgrave University.
Flamewind spends much of her time in Sharn’s libraries and museums, and has a great deal to offer adventurers and scholars. In addition to her firsthand knowledge of Xen’drik, Flamewind possesses oracular powers and is one of the few nondragons to have studied the Draconic Prophecy. The sphinx cannot be pressed for information; she gives what she wants, when she wants, and she never explains her cryptic proclamations.
It is not unusual for Flamewind to summon adventurers to her chambers and send them on strange missions by identifying them by name and uttering a cryptic prophecy. “It is time for the Globe of Seven Lights to be brought out of Xen’drik, and this is your task,” she might say. “Travel across the Crystal Plain until you reach the City of Broken Glass. Reflect on the past and move beyond your reflections. Only then can you bring the past to the present. But beware, for shadows already gather to quench the lights forever.”
Flamewind is an unusual gynosphinx. Add the following spell-like abilities to the list provided in the Monster Manual: at will—mage hand, open/close; 1/day—analyze dweomer, mind blank. In addition, she possesses an oracular sense over which she has no control. Flamewind may possess useful information relating to any situation, or she may not. Her oracular visions should generally be tied to events on an epic scale, conflicts with the Lords of Dust, secret powers lurking in Xen’drik, or events tied to the Draconic Prophecy. She never provides information on mundane topics, such as the Boromar Clan’s dreamlily shipments or who will win the next Race of Eight Winds.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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