Your great bulk can sometimes impede your actions.
Prerequisite: Small size, Dexterity 13 or lower, you may not be Lightweight.
Effect: You have double the base weight of a character of your race. Height and weight modifiers are added normally. You lose your +1 bonus to Armor Class and on attack rolls, as well as your +4 bonus on Hide checks. You must pay double the cost for armor but not for any magical enhancements the armor might have. Such armor does not weigh half the normal amount.
Normal: Small characters receive a +1 bonus to Artnor Class and on attack rolls, as well as a +4 bonus on Hide checks. Armor for small characters weighs half the normal amount.
Suggested Class/Race: Halfling
Source:Dragon Magazine #328 (Nobody’s Perfect – New Flaws for Nonhumans)

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