Forge Of The Sacred Spark

The sect of the Sacred Spark attracts experts and artificers, both professions that specialize in creating new wonders. It is also a magnet to warforged who explore the emotional side of creation.
This small shrine stands in Ghalt, Aundair, where hostile attitudes toward worship of the Dark Six (regardless of context) have forced worshipers to maintain a low profile. The Forge of the Sacred Spark occupies a series of rooms and a hidden workshop in a windowless extension behind an ordinary-looking blacksmith’s shop. The shopkeeper, Elsinter Grayhands (male human expert 6), is the head priest of this small group (numbering only a dozen souls) and makes sure that unwelcome visitors do not enter the back space.
1. Main Shrine. This large open space is for cult ceremonies. An engraved circle nearly fills an apse at the north end, and three dedicated wrights (ECS 285) labor over the sacred flame it contains. Near the circle are two anvils, each marked with the cult’s emblem (a blend of Onatar’s and the Fury’s symbols), on which the sect’s crafters and artificers (and their dedicated wrights) produce works dedicated to their patrons. Shelves to either side hold metalworking tools, spell components, and other ingredients needed for forging. The temple’s high acolyte, Albrecht (male gnome artificer 5) attends to the everyday needs of worshipers and artisans, as well as devoting much of his own time to creating wondrous items. When not at work in the temple, he makes his home in a modestly wealthy part of town. A massive altar stands in the middle of the chamber, on which are piled offerings of finished goods.
2. Iron Defenders. Some of the sect’s creations act as temple guardians. This nondescript room contains three iron defenders (ECS 287), which respond to sounds of combat or alarms in the main chamber. They are under Albrecht’s direct control.
3. Furtive Filchers. Another group of created beings, four furtive filchers (ECS 286), occupies this otherwise unadorned room. They also obey Albrecht or Elsinter.
4. Apprentice’s Quarters. Maril d’Cannith (female human expert 4) has been learning both the metalworking craft and the ways of the Sacred Spark as apprentice to Elsinter. Except when on errands to obtain supplies or special ingredients for the shrine’s forge, she never leaves the building. She spends most of her waking hours laboring in the blacksmith’s shop or practicing her craft within the temple. The rest of the time she is in this modest bedroom and study. The place is messy, heaped with half-finished projects, unlaundered clothes, and papers covered with scribbling. An unmade bed and a simple writing desk are the room’s only furnishings.
5. Kindle’s Chamber. Kindle (male personality warforged fighter 3) is a Reforged who recently found his way to the Sacred Spark. He hopes to understand fleshbound life better through exploring creative passion. He also makes for excellent temple security. He spends much of his time observing worshipers and artisans, though he is not artistically inclined himself, asking many questions of Elsinter and Albrecht. He is fascinated by the disorganized habits of Maril, but she finds the attention annoying. Although Kindle has no need of sleep, he retreats to his private room when the shrine is quiet. There he examines the sensory life amid his collection of bric-a-brac. He has a pet cat, so far unnamed, a stray he rescued from a grimy alley, which he keeps in his room at all times. He loves to observe its pleasure in mere existence and is surprisingly tender with it.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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