Fort Ash

Camp Layout

To be determined

Troop Breakdown

In Fort Ash there is a platoon of Human Infantry 3 squads (60 pvt/ 6cpl/ 3 sgt) plus 3 lieutenants (Cleric 4) led by captain (Paladin 5) Hextor is camp god.
2 Squads of Goblins led by 2 sergeants (Goblin rogue 2) and a lieutenant Hobgoblin Fighter 4 (This is the mohawked one).
Has two catapult sections and a team of 4 were-raptor (Ranger 2, archery) glidewing riders.

Will go more in depth later.

Human Infantry

Lt Cleric 4 of Hextor
Captain Paladin 5 of Hextor


Goblin Warrior 1
Goblin Sgt (Rogue 2)
Goblin Lt (Hobgoblin Fighter 4 (Mohawk))

Catapult Section

Same as infantry privates with additional ranks in profession siege engineer.

Glidewing Riders

Glidewings with Were-raptor riders armed with light repeating crossbows and alchemist's fire.

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