Gatherhold Gold Dragon Inn

“When you spend your days on the road, you never know where you’ll find your next meal. That’s what I like about the Gold Dragon Inn. Oh, you might find a hostel with softer pillows or larger beds if you know the town. You might get lucky. But when you only have one night? With the Gold Dragon, you know where you stand.”
—Cassus d’Orien, bound courier

Innkeeper: Hepkin d'Ghallanda ( LN Male Halfling Expert 5, Wizard 1)

This branch of the Gold Dragon Inn is manned by a marked member of House Ghallanda, qualifying it to display the coveted Gold Seal of Ghallanda, the Helpful Hound, on the front door. Hepkin grew up as child of two marked Ghallanda parents and went to study with The Twelve to learn all he could about managing a business as well as the shadowy side of the Ghallanda enterprise. As a result of his training, pedigree and dedication, the Gatherhold Gold Dragon Inn is among the top in the chain, with all the usual fare that would be expected at a Gold Dragon as well as a few posh extras.

The Gold Dragon is a Four story building. It's ground floor is

Service/Good Price Note
Standard Room
Heroes Feast 660gp Usually divided between up to 11 diners
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