Gnomes are among the most inquisitive of races. They seek knowledge in all its forms and tend to careers which allow them to fulfill this thirst: bards, historians, alchemists and librarians, as well as spies.

Because of this drive gnomish society is a complex network of gossip and intrigues, which would drive most other races mad, but is the bread and butter of gnomish life.

Gnomes are the only race to have thoroughly mastered the art of elemental binding, which is used in a multitude of what are now considered essential technologies in contemporary post-War Khorvaire, including air ships and the Lightning Rail. As a result gnome alchemists, wizards and artificers are in high demand, especially by House Cannith, House Lyrandar and House Orien.

Gnome Homeland

Zilargo is the gnomish homeland. Lying southeast of Breland in southern Khorvaire. It is situated between Breland on the north and west and the goblinoid nation of Darguun on the east. Zilargo has been effectively independent since 962, and their independence was ratified by the Treaty of Thronehold in 996.

Zilargo is the major shipbuilding center in Khorvaire and also produces fine gems from its mines in the Howling Peaks and Seawall Mountains.

Gnome Dragonmarks

The gnomes of House Sivis bear the Mark of Scribing, which grants magical abilities pertaining to writing and communication to its bearers. House Sivis is a cornerstone of diplomacy and bureaucracy in Khorvaire, and their abilities allow for marked identification papers and Khorvaire's communication services infrastructure.

+2 Con, -2 Str
Favored Class: Bard
• Small size1
• 20’ movement
• Low-light Vision
• +2 Racial bonus on Listen checks
• +2 Racial bonus on Craft(Alchemy) checks
• +4 Dodge bonus to AC vs. Giants
• Weapon Familiarity – Gnome Hooked Hammer is considered a Martial Weapon
• +2 Racial bonus on save vs. Illusions
• +1 DC to any Illusion spell cast
• +1 Racial bonus on attack vs. Kobolds & Goblinoids.
• Able to cast the following spells 1/day at 1st level:
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound
Speak with Animals (burrowing mammals only)

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