District Type: Average residential, Karrn
Buildings: Temple (Blood of Vol), upscale residences (40), average food (2), average lodging (2), average residences (280), poor lodging (2), poor residences (40)
First Impression: The people of Graywall are somber and serious, and outsiders receive a cold welcome. A visitor with a good ear notes the predominance of Karrn accents and spots Karrn features among the inhabitants of the district.
Social Class: Middle class
The culture of Karrnath existed long before the Last War, and in Sharn it found a home in the Graywall district. As Sharn grew and became an important center for trade and commerce in the kingdom of Galifar, and as Karrn merchants and crafters settled in the city, many made their home in Graywall.
Today Graywall is a quiet, close-knit community. The local families know each other well, and they dislike outsiders—with the notable exception of visitors from Karrnath, who receive a warm welcome and demands for the latest news from “the old country.” In practice, the people of Graywall are unfriendly toward most outsiders, but Friendly toward anyone of Karrn descent. Due to prejudices and incidents that occurred during the Last War, anyone attached to the Sharn City Watch or the Guardians of the Gate receives a –10 penalty on any Diplomacy checks made in the region. In general, City Watch patrols avoid Graywall; the people maintain a small local militia that patrols the district and settles disputes.
For the most part, Graywall is a peaceful district. Most of the inhabitants are honest, hardworking people. However, the people of the district share something besides Karrn descent, something that sets them apart from the Karrn immigrants in Middle Menthis—most of the people of Graywall are devoted followers of the Blood of Vol. They keep their religion secret, sad to see the way in which it has been suppressed even in their homeland. But they continue to carry on the old traditions. And even if the people of Graywall won’t actively assist the Order of the Emerald Claw, they certainly do provide agents of the Claw with shelter and support.
The Bloody Mug: The sign above the door of this inn displays a tilted clay mug, with what is presumably red wine trickling over the edge. This inn caters to visitors from Karrnath, and the people of the district often gather in the common room to share a tankard of Nightwood ale and listen to traveler’s tales, or engage in traditional Karrn chants and dances. A Karrn character receives a +1 circumstance bonus on all Gather Information and Knowledge (local) checks made in The Bloody Mug.
Slogar’s: The Slogars were one of the first families to settle in Graywall, and their restaurant has served the community for hundreds of years. The food isn’t fancy and the ambience is rather gloomy, but the prices are quite reasonable. If you like traditional Karrn peasant cuisine—which, truth be told, is usually an acquired taste—it’s hard to find better.
The House of Hazal: The largest estate in the district belongs to the Hazal family. The Hazals made their fortune investing in the smelting industry, and Hazal caravans still bring in ore from the family’s northern holdings on a regular basis.

Graywall Morgue: This doubles as a house for Tarius
Torion's Graywall Apartment: Torion's apartment, quite close to the Graywall Morgue.

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