Graywall Morgue

The Morgue as a Business

Owner: Tarius
Workers: Gnome receptionist named Jorge Sarico, Flesh Golem Butler named Smurch

Goods and Services Offered

Autopsies can only be performed when the owner, Tarius, is available to perform them personally.
A character with the right underground contacts will be able to learn that Graywall Morgue can provide certain unsavory services for a price.

Service Charge
Cremation 1 gp
Burial 15 gp +cost of plot
Official Autopsy 10 gp
Taxidermy 20 gp
Less than Legal Services
Discrete Body Disposal 5 gp
Body Part Removal 20 gp

3 Room Apartment above; Consists of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living room.
Ground Level is a 3 room morgue. Has a storage room, a front desk reception area, and work laboratory.
Work laboratory has all equipment needed for Chirurgeon class, as well as being a fully stocked Alchemical Laboratory. Provides +2 bonus to Craft (Alchemy) and Heal checks and +5 on Craft (Autopsy).
The building's worth at least 16,000gp for the business alone, not including the upper floor apartment.

Had a goblin assistant named Scrappy, and an undead butler golem in a tuxedo named Smurch. Scrappy was killed by a vampire spawn working for Lan Hazal as retribution for being given diseased blood by Tarius. Tarius explained himself on return, explaining that the spawn was very insistent that they take that specific noble's blood for the ritual and so the necromancer assumed he wanted the blood specifically for the reason that it was diseased, not because it was a noble. Lan agreed that it was an over-reaction and so replaced his assistant with an actual gnome assistant named Jorge Sarico.

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Business Statistics

Type: Service (Morgue)
Primary Skill: Craft (Autopsy) or Profession (Chirurgeon)
Secondary Skill: Heal, Diplomacy/Bluff, Craft (Alchemy)
Associated Guild: Religious or Service (Health Workers of Sharn)
Capital: Medium
Resources: Low
Risk: Low

Location: Metropolis (Sharn); +4 Profit Mod
Employees: 1, Jorge Sarico, 0 Needed

Profit Check: d20 + 8 (Craft Autopsy) + 4 (Location) +1 (Low Risk) +1 (Low Resource) +1 (Jorge) +3 (Renovation)
Monthly Profit: Check result x 5 gp (90 - 175gp)

To upgrade the business: Requires an investment of 25% of initial capital, total of 4,000gp, and it adds a 1d4 permanent bonus to profit checks. Can be done once every 3 months.

Business History

Shop Till: 300gp

Month Profit Notes
Barrakas 998 140gp Assistant Scrappy killed and replaced with Jorge Sarico
Rhaan 998 160gp Upgraded Business, +3 to checks, 21st of Rhaan

Floor Plan

Ground Floor

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