Harrow Deck
Card Harrow Align. Ability
K♥ The Paladin LG Str
Q♥ The Dance LG Dex
J♥ The Trumpet LG Con
10♥ The Hidden Truth LG Int
9♥ The Winged Serpent LG Wis
8♥ The Empty Throne LG Cha
7♥ The Keep NG Str
6♥ The Cricket NG Dex
5♥ The Survivor NG Con
4♥ The Wanderer NG Int
3♥ The Midwife NG Wis
2♥ The Theater NG Cha
K♦ The Big Sky CG Str
Q♦ The Juggler CG Dex

J♦ The Desert CG Con
10♦ The Joke CG Int
9♦ The Publican CG Wis
8♦ The Unicorn CG Cha
7♦ The Uprising CN Str
6♦ The Rabbit Prince CN Dex
5♦ The Mountain Man CN Con
4♦ The Vision CN Int
3♦ The Carnival CN Wis
2♦ The Courtesan CN Cha
Card Harrow Card Align. Ability
K♠ The Cyclone CE Str
Q♠ The Demon’s Lantern CE Dex
J♠ The Waxworks CE Con
10♠ The Snakebite CE Int
9♠ The Lost CE Wis
8♠ The Liar CE Cha
7♠ The Beating NE Str
6♠ The Crows NE Dex
5♠ The Sickness NE Con
4♠ The Idiot NE Int
3♠ The Mute Hag NE Wis
2♠ The Betrayal NE Cha
K♣ The Fiend LE Str
Q♣ The Avalanche LE Dex
J♣ The Tangled Briar LE Con
10♣ The Rakshasa LE Int
9♣ The Eclipse LE Wis
8♣ The Tyrant LE Cha
7♣ The Forge LN Str
6♣ The Locksmith LN Dex
5♣ The Brass Dwarf LN Con
4♣ The Inquisitor LN Int
3♣ The Queen Mother LN Wis
2♣ The Marriage LN Cha
Card Harrow Card Align. Ability
A♥ The Bear N Str
A♦ The Peacock N Dex
A♠ The Teamster N Con
A♣ The Foreign Trader N Int
Joker* The Owl N Wis
Joker The Twin N Cha

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