Hepkin d'Ghallanda

Hepkin was born a twice-blooded member of House Ghallanda, child of two marked members. As such an example of blessed blood, he manifested the Mark of Hospitality early on in his life and undertook much schooling at the The Tower of The Twelve in Korth. By the time he had finished his schooling he had manifested the Greater Mark of Hospitality and was given the Gatherhold Gold Dragon Inn to manage.
He is a micromanager, but an expert at what he does, nobody can argue with his results. His inn is one of the best managed, one of the more profitable inns in House Ghallanda's repertoire, and the contacts he makes are invaluable.

Quick Stats

Level 11 - Has Unseen Servant, Create Food and Water, and Heroes' Feast as dragonmark abilities, Has the Feat Grace of Ghallanda, and a diplomacy score of ~22, as well as a sense motive of around 18.

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