Heward S Fortifying Bedroll

Heward's Fortifying Bedroll

Less well known than Heward's other great creation but still a boon to adventurers everywhere, this bedroll grants the benefit a full night's sleep in a fraction of the time.
Description: This item appears to be a normal, if well made, bedroll. The cushioning is thick, the stitching skilled. It is made of dark green cloth with a dull yellow interior. It smells faintly comforting, a mix of burning firewood and goose down.
Activation: To activate the magic of the bedroll, you need merely climb into it (a move action) and spend 1 uninterrupted
hour resting. Each bedroll functions once per day.
Effect: Heward's fortifying bedroll grants you the benefits of a full 8 hours of rest—including the elimination of fatigue or exhaustion, natural healing, and the ability to prepare or ready arcane spells— over the course of a single hour. Spells cast within the last 8 hours still count against your daily limit as normal.
After using Reward's fortifying bedroll, you can't gain the same benefit again (either from the same or a different item) until 48 hours have passed.
Aura/Caster Level: Faint transmutation. CL 3rd.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, sleep, 1,500 gp, 120 XP, 3 days.
Weight: 2 lb.
Price: 3,000 gp.

Source: Complete Mage Pg 133

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