Highest Towers

District Type: Civic district
Buildings: Council hall, bureaucratic offices, monument/memorial, guard post, temple (Boldrei), upscale lodging (15), upscale food (25), exotic trades (40), upscale trades (60), average trades (60), upscale services (75)
First Impression: The lofty and ornate towers of this district offer panoramic views of the surrounding city. People stride along well-lit streets and gracefully arcing bridges with an air of importance and the smell of great wealth.
Social Class: Upper class
Location: Sharn, Upper Central Plateau

Highest Towers is the seat of Sharn’s government and includes all the city offices, the council hall, and other civic features.
Council Hall: Sharn’s seventeen-member city council meets at the top of Sun Tower. Surrounded by a colonnaded gallery and crowned by an observation deck, the council hall offers some of the most spectacular views in the city. The council meets weekly, and an elite troop of soldiers (privately employed by the council) guards the hall during meetings. When the council is not in session, the hall is a tourist attraction, though aides and lesser bureaucrats bustle through its lower halls unceasingly.
City Archive: This large, windowless building near the top of Vasha Tower contains the nearly endless legal and historical records of Sharn. Copies of birth records, marriage rolls, and death certificates are kept in the archives, as well as property records, copies of letters of marque, and records of identification papers issued in the city. Agents of the Citadel have unrestricted access to the records, and other characters with contacts in the government or in a dragonmarked house might be able to gain access to a specific set of records for a single use by calling in a favor.
Airship Docking Tower: Airships arriving from elsewhere in Khorvaire dock at the top of Lyrandar Tower. Skycoaches linger here to carry arriving passengers to other destinations in the city, along with guides hoping to win contracts for work in the city. Of Sharn’s three arrival points (including the waterfront and the Orien lightning rail station in Lower Tavicks Landing), this is by far the least busy, as well as the safest.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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