Hireling Prices
Hireling Pay/Day Services
Alchemist* 1 gp Works with chemicals. Includes apothecaries
Animal tender 15 cp Cares for animals. Includes grooms, shepherds, shearers, and swineherds
Architect 5 sp Plans large building projects. Includes engineers and shipwrights.
Artisan 6 sp Produces works of art.
Barrister 1 gp A lawyer.
Clerk 4 sp Keeps accounts. Includes interpreters.
Cook 1 sp Prepares meals, often for large groups.
Entertainer 4 sp Performs works of art. Includes minstrels, actors, singers, dancers, and orators.
Laborer 1 sp Does unskilled labor. Includes gravediggers, maids, and porters, among others.
Craftsperson* 3 sp Works in a trade. Includes carpenters, dyers, jewelers, tinkers, and weavers, among others.
Mercenary 2 sp Fights for pay—a 1st-level warrior.
Mercenary 4 sp Fights from horseback—a 1st cavalry level warrior.
Mercenary 6 sp Fights for pay and leads other leader mercs—2nd-level warrior. Add 3 sp/day per level above 2nd.
Sage 2gp+ Provides information and research services.
Scribe 3 sp Writes. Includes scriveners.
Smith 4 sp* Works metal. Includes armorers, blacksmiths, locksmiths, metalsmiths, and minters, among others.
Teamster 3 sp Drives a wagon or cart.
Valet/lackey 2 sp Performs various specialized and personal duties.
  • If paid to create a specific item, use item prices and working times instead.
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