District Type: Dwarf neighborhood
Buildings: Shrine (The Sovereign Host), average lodging (10), upscale food (5), average food (40), poor food (10), exotic trades (10), upscale trades (24), average trades (60), poor trades (20), upscale services (20), average services (40), poor services (20), upscale residences (20), average residences (180)
First Impression: Dwarves fill streets of Holdfast, though few have the accent or wear the clothing of the Mror Holds. The ringing of anvils and song of steel on steel can be heard rising from the smithies in the center to the district, and masons pass by with cartloads of stone. The people seem to be very industrious, and reasonably well off.
Social Class: Middle class

When King Galifar I’s son, Karrn, invaded the Mror Holds, the dwarf nation was in a state of anarchy and constant clan warfare. Despite the barbaric state of their realm, the dwarves were natural miners and stone masons with an innate talent for building fortifications. When King Galifar decided to rebuild the city of Sharn, he brought in a force of dwarf engineers and laborers from the Mror Holds. Dwarf hands played an important role in the rebirth of Sharn, and as the city grew it developed a sizeable dwarf population. Over the centuries, many dwarves spread across the city, abandoning their ancient roots. But other families remained together, forming a strong dwarf community. In time, they settled in the district they named Holdfast.
Dwarves comprise almost 90% of the population of Holdfast; the rest of the population is fairly evenly divided between gnomes, humans, and halflings. Most recent immigrants from the Mror Holds live in Highhold in Upper Dura; the dwarves of Holdfast are descended from the dwarves that came to rebuild Sharn in the earliest days of King Galifar’s rule, and they have no strong attachment to the Mror Holds or its traditions. They are, however, extremely loyal to one another. A dwarf born in Holdfast has a thousand friends, and can always find shelter or a meal. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, and old friends or family may ask for help with gambling debts, the Boromar Clan, or any number of other possible reasons.
The people of Holdfast are comfortably middle class. Some serve as overseers in the vast foundries down in the Cogs, while others are architects or stonemasons. Holdfast also contains smithies of all sorts. Most of the arms and armor of the Sharn City Watch are produced in Holdfast, and anyone looking for masterwork armor can find it in this district. The smiths also look after their own, and if a dwarf of Brelish descent can make a successful DC 10 Charisma check, the cost of any weapons or armor he purchases in Holdfast is reduced by 10%.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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