House Deneith

Roleplaying a Deneith

You are a member of the oldest of the Dragonmarked Houses, who served the great kingdom of Galifer with honor and nobility. Today, your house, and by extension you are known for your neutrality between warring factions, your level headedness, and the strength of your word. When a Deneith makes even a simple promise, he keeps it as if it were a sworn oath. As a Deneith, you value the letter of the law, and will fulfill your end of any contract, or die trying.

If you are a Deneith Artificer, it is your charge to ensure that the members of your house have access to the best weapons and armor available. You don’t do this out of the goodness of your heart though, and are well paid for your services as new soldiers come to you looking to buy what they need, and experienced soldiers to upgrade their existing implements. You focus almost entirely upon crafting armor and weapons, the tools of your house’s trade, although the occasional wondrous item has been known to pass over your counter from time to time, particularly to those members who have a more stealthy nature to them.

Your magical items are not very ornate, nor are they typically covered in precious metals or gemstones, instead you value clean lines and a form that follows function. You build the tools of war, even in times of peace, and no matter how pretty a tool may be, if it breaks during use, it is of little value. When you do adorn a piece with an extra flourish, you try to make the rest of the item more plain, to draw the eye to that one feature, to make it stand out all the more clearly. Canniths may be known for their high quality steel, but they make their weapons and armor almost by rote, many having never even used a sword in battle. How can someone claim to make a quality sword if they have never even used one before?

You, however, do not suffer from that drawback. Military training and combat practice keep your skills to a well honed edge, giving you an innate feel for the balance of a weapon, and the fit of armor. Sure, those hours spent doing drills could have been used at the forge, but there is more to life than simply hammering out metal and hiding indoors where its safe. Often times, you will volunteer to go on missions, simply to keep your wits sharp, and if it means that you will get the chance to put your latest masterpiece to the test, so much the better.

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