House Ghallanda

Roleplaying a Ghallanda Halfling

Members of House Ghallanda typically do not have the disposition to adventure into the unknown lands, to fight fearsome beasts, and steal away in the night with a sack full of ancient gold. No, you leave that to your patrons. A warm fire, a hot meal, a cool drink, and a soft bed are your treasures, the comforts of a civilized life. And in Eberron, a comfortable and civilized life means that the use of magic is not far away.

If you are a Ghallandran Artificer, you make extensive use of Craft Wondrous Item to make all of the little trinkets and magical gadgets that make a civilized life civilized. Wash basins enchanted with cleaning magics that take out even the most stubborn of spots, mugs and goblets enchanted to gentle warm or cool a drink to just the right temperature, and not to mention numerous everbright lanterns and torches to provide that warm cheery flickering glow that only a fire can produce, without the risk of burning down the inn when a customer with a bit too much tal in his system stumbles into one.

Although not as well known, but perhaps of greater importance, you also make small items that keep your innkeepers safe from harm, or that can help charm a reluctant man to talk more freely. You have no desire to horde knowledge to use against anyone the way a gnome would, but your house does have a reputation for being able to find the right person to contact for any occasion, and where your natural good will and charming personality fail, a little extra push from that magic trinket in your pocket just might make you a new friend, and a valuable new contact.

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