House Jorasco

Roleplaying a Jorasco Gnome

The house of healing tends to the medical needs of the five nations and more, from simple binding of wounds to magical healing, to providing care for those whom even magic isn’t enough to save. As such, House Jorasco has a constant, insatiable demand for healing products of all kinds. From simple alchemical and herbal salves to fight infection, to wands and potions that heal injuries and cure diseases, right up to the most powerful of biers that, under the proper circumstances, can even raise the dead (although, finding a Jorasco powerful enough to use such items can prove exceedingly difficult).

If you are a Jorasco Artificer, you will be responsible for the production of the potions that are used daily by your house, both in the care of patients and for sale through their various outlets, as well as the more powerful wands. While rare, you will also often be required to make larger items, such as wondrous item beds that accelerate natural healing, and even music stones that provide the calm soothing background music often heard in the healing houses.

As an adventuring Artificer for your house, you may be sent on missions to deliver your goods to distant healing houses as a normal resupply run, or you could be in the hire of a wealthy patron to make house calls. In emergencies, you could likely be called to the front lines of a disaster in order to tend the wounded directly, or at least be there to provide needed supplies to those that do. You could also adventure in order to gain insight into new healing techniques, or simply because you have been hired by the party (in exchange for a cut of the treasure) to keep everyone alive through their adventures.

Some may call you cut throat and draconian for your refusal to use your talents to heal the sick and injured for free, but House Jorasco is large and provides services all across the continent, it can’t be expected to shoulder that financial burden alone. The money you make helps ensure that there will always be a Jorasco healer nearby in the days to come. While you may do an occasional healing pro bono, you try to keep those times to a minimum, least you set a precedence for your house healing for free. Your business may be vital, but it is still a business, after all.

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