House Kundarak

Roleplaying a Kundarak Dwarf

The amount of trade between the various nations and dragonmarked houses is so great, merely shipping gold coins back and forth between all of the involved parties at any given time would require more ships than even House Lyrander could provide, and would slow the Lightning Rail to a crawl from the weight of treasure they would have to carry. Enter House Kundarak, who’s trustworthy name and impartiality at running the largest banking system Eberron has ever known. Through it’s issuance of letters of credit, and its ability to honor such letters of almost any size on demand has made modern living possible, and has made you quite rich in the process.

If you are an Artificer of House Kundarak, you are an expert at building security devices, from simple alarms that can be placed on doors, to the vast impenetrable vaults surrounded by the most lethal traps imaginable that hold hordes of gold, silver, and platinum beyond the dreams of even the most greedy of dragons. Most think of House Kundarak’s business as being money, but it isn’t true. Money is simply the focus of your business, providing protection for whatever valuables need securing. Whenever someone needs a large sum of cash, a powerful magic item, or even a lock of their loved one’s hair, your house and your wards make an impassable wall of protection that will keep those items safe.

As an adventuring Artificer, you are more likely than most to actively seek out trap filled dungeons and places that are said to be impossible to enter, and do your best to enter them. You aren’t motivated so much by the gold or treasures that can be found in those dungeons, or the secret knowledge held behind those high walls, for you, the treasure is in discovering new defensive means, and how to circumvent old ones. By knowing first hand how to bypass a trap, you are more likely to be able to build around those flaws in your own. While you know that no defense is ever perfect, getting as close as possible is your goal.

Places of Interest

Kundarak Bank of Sharn - Largest bank in Sharn, in Korranath
Sharn Kundarak Enclave - In Dragon Towers

People of Interest

Name Job/Description Status Notes
Daphanë d’Kundarak Leader of Sharn Kundarak Enclave and Head of Kundarak Bank of Sharn In Sharn N/a
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