House Lyrandar

Roleplaying a Lyrandar Half-elf

As a member of House Lyrander, you are truly blessed. The true child of Khovaire, and one of the greatest spokesmen of your race. The offspring of immigrants and refugees, you stand tall, master of wind and water, you and your kind are destined to one day rule the land, the sea, and the air. The gods themselves have blessed you with the proof of this destiny, the Mark of Storms, granting you control over the very forces of nature itself. The Mourning itself must have been sent by the gods, for the sundering of House Orien’s trade routes has merely opened the door for House Lyrander to become even stronger. If others see your pride and dignity as arrogance, they simply do not understand the true nature of the blessings that only the Khoravar can know.

If you are a Lyrander Artificer, the odds are that you are among those actively seeking to break the iron grip that the gnomes hold on elemental binding, either by discovering the secret for yourself, or by finding another, better way to power the mighty ships controlled by your House. In the mean time, you work to keep those same ships in tip top condition, making sure they perform as majestically as they look. If not that, there is always room in the Raincaller’s Guild for your services, using your magical items to extend their control of the weather even farther.

As an adventuring Lyrander Artificer, you are virtually encouraged to go out and see the world in your youth. Leave the administration of the house to the older members, you should go out and see the world, meet new and interesting people, and act as a good will ambassador to all those whom you meet on behalf of your race. One day, when you are ready, you will return to the house to settle down and begin the real work of crafting the future of your race. For now though, enjoy your youth and time in the sun, it is as much your birthright as the power of the storms that courses through your very veins.

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