House Medani

Roleplaying a Medani Half-Elf

When secrets and plots are as much the coin of the realm as the galifar, the value of the counter-spy cannot be undervalued. From the inquisitive sleuths that simply observe the scene of a crime and gain seemingly unnaturally canny insights as to what happened, to the risk taking playboy lifestyle of an agent tasked with discovering what nefarious plot is being devised and putting a stop to it before it has time to come to fruition, you are a Medani. While your character may never have heard of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, they would doubtlessly see both men as brothers, cut from the same cloth as himself.

As an Medani Artificer, your job is to make all of those wonderful toys used by the house agents in their efforts to uncover which rumors are false, which are true, and how to stop the true ones before they can start. If a normal Medani is James Bond, you are Q, creating devilishly inventive, and utterly necessary tools of the trade. Your tools are not used in the trading of secrets, that is a job better suited to other houses, but instead in discovering who is keeping secrets, why, and what they plan to do with them. Goggles of Minute Seeing for the Inquisitive who scours a crime scene for clues, or a Wand of Rope cleverly disguised as a walking stick, to a stylish Vest of Resistance, each has their own special uses, and you have likely made them all.

As an adventuring Medani Artificer, you are likely scouting for the latest rumors as to what is going on in the world, if not already actively tracking down the source of such rumors. The Five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) are not just words, they are a way of life, and knowing all five puts you in a position to know what will happen next, and how best to react to it. Unlike your Lyrander “brothers”, you are not boisterous, outgoing, or prone to making yourself obvious. Instead, you prefer to stay in the background, gather your information, and move on to complete your mission.

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