House Sivis

Roleplaying a Sivis Gnome

The gnomes of House Sivis are known for their impartiality, which is essential to their position as message senders. While House Orien handles day to day mail needs, anyone needing assurance of the delivery of an important message, and absolute assurance that no one but the intended recipient hears the message knows that there is only one option, House Sivis.

As a Sivis Artificer, you are most likely a part of the Tasker’s Dream group, the branch of House Sivis that researches new means of communication, in both mundane and magical means. Your skills would be needed to create the Sending Stones that form the backbone of the Sivis long distance communication network, while your alchemical skills could be required in making invisible inks that can only be seen, much less read, by someone who knows the secret of how to activate them.

As an adventuring Sivis Artificer, odds are that you have been charged with recovering lost knowledge, either something in particular (such as a tome in a particular dungeon) or in general, scouring the world to see what you can learn. You are less likely to be as crafting focused as other Artificers, instead investing large amounts of skillpoints in Speak Language, Decipher Script, and other language related skills, although crafting items capable of granting you spell effects such as Tongues or Comprehend Languages would be absolutely invaluable to you. Of all items, you are more likely to use scrolls than any other Artificer, to the point of having an entire PrC devoted to such.

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