House Tharashk

Roleplaying a Tharashk Half-Orc

Strengthened by the power of the Mark of Finding, House Tharashk produces some of the finest bounty hunters in Khovaire, and has recently taken to providing monstrous soldiers and guards from Droaam that have put House Deneith on edge, unused to competition, especially as strong of competition as this. For brute strength, indomitable spirit, and the ability to find anyone or anything, look no further than House Tharashk.

As a Tharashk Artificer, you are in a minority. Very few of your house take the path of the Artificer, instead preferring more direct routes to combat prowess, but for whatever reason, you have become an Artificer. If you are human, you likely use your skills in a more traditional manner, crafting items (particularly weapons and armor) to aid in battle, but also wondrous items to aid monstrous characters better fit in with the rest of the world that has grown up around them. As a half-orc Artificer, you are almost assuredly a Meleeficer. You do not see yourself so much as an Artificer, but as a hunter and warrior who uses magic to enhance his capabilities. Although not as tough in a straight fight as your more traditionally trained brothers in combat, you more than make up for that with the devistating magics you can infuse into your weapons, and the hardest of armors that are all but inpenetrable to attack. You see opponents as prey, taking the time to stalk them and prepare, which melds perfectly with the time required to set up your various infusions. When you attack, it is an ambush of ferocious intensity, with strength of arm and steel reinforced with deadly spells and enchantments. It is rare that your targets survive long enough to even wonder who is attacking them.

As an adventuring Tharashk Artificer, it is likely that you are out making a name for yourself. Promotion in your house is done primarily through skill and strength, with the mightiest and most successful rising through the ranks, and what better way to make a name for yourself than to adventure, taking on all comers? You may also be on a bounty, hired to track and recover a particular person or item. Whatever your reason for adventuring, you are sure to make a name for yourself. With so few Artificers in your house, novelty will be your foot in the door, at least until your heavily buffed axe has time to carve another entrance for you.

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