House Thuranni

Roleplaying a Thuranni Elf

Having only recently split from House Phiarlan, House Thuranni shares much in common with it’s progenitor, but takes a very differant path. Where the Phiarlans are primarily entertainers that also serve as eyes and ears, the Thurannis are almost the polar opposite, a dedicated house of spies and assassins who also maintain their status as sculptors, painters, and architects as a cover and a way to ingratiate themselves into the ranks of the noble elite. Where the Phiarlan are agents of balance and neutrality, the Thuranni are active participants in the world, doing whatever is needed to advance themselves, often through “less than reputable” means.

As a Thuranni Artificer, you would be well trained in the subtle arts of information gathering and subterfuge. Your house expects you to be ready to undertake a mission at any time, and you had best be ready when they call for you. That call may never come, but that is no excuse for letting your edge dull. In the mean time, your public face is likely that of a sculptor or architect, putting your various crafting and knowledge skills to good use. The man who designs and builds the house of a noble will often find himself in that noble’s good favor, and as such be privy to information that others would not be able to come by as easily. On the flip side of the coin, you would be exceptionally skilled at making magical items that increase stealth, such as Cloaks of Elevenkind, Rings of Invisibility, and Shadowed armors. Differant vials of poison are as likely to spring from your alchemical efforts as anything else, although the odds of a thunderstone or flash pellet being made are substantially lower, as such items only serve to call attention to your presence, when you would prefer to remain hidden.

As an adventuring Thuranni Artificer, you are probably on a mission to recover secrets, either from ages past buried in ancient crypts, or from more conventional sources, the noble families and even the other dragonmarked houses. Given the generally good aligned nature of many games, it is unlikely that you would be on a mission of assissination, however it is always possible that an evil and/or dangerous individual has been singled out, and you have been tasked with his disposal. Whatever the case, you are most likely to remain hidden in the shadows, quitely preparing your infusions and magical aids while you wait for exactly the right moment. A fair fight is not in the cards, you strike swiftly, decisively, and then dissappear. None of the fancy showboating of your Phiarlan brothers, just get the job done and make sure no one sees you while you’re doing it.

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